Side-Scene wordt een third-person action/adventure thriller. De mensheid begint net het tijdperk te naderen van ingewikkelde technologieen zoals computers. Maar er gebeuren rare dingen. Op een dag verdwijnt de dochter en schoonmoeder van ene George die de wereld over gaat om ze te zoeken en de meest rare schepsels tegenkomt...Horror themes, third-person perspective, and a cutting-edge 3D engine sounds a lot like TRI's spooky thiller "Nocturne". However, according to Aronsson the similarity between the two games are completely coincedental. "The screenshots currently available are indeed similar to Nocturne," he admits, adding, "I got aware of this fact when I first played Nocturne some weeks ago. I have no ambitions to copycat Nocturne in anyway." Aronsson continues, "the main reason that both games have a similar look is because both take place during the same time period, and if you want to stick to the realism of the time, you end up with two games that share a common look. The main influences to Side-Scene are not from computer games alone, it's a mix from movies, books, and games." Side-Scene has been in development for about a year now, and is only being worked on by two programmers. Currently there is no set release date for the title.