IGN heeft 4 nieuwe movies en 32 nieuwe screenshots van The need for speed: Porsche unleashed online gezet, hier zijn de screenshots:A fountain and Vinee together at last Castle town City by the sea Cobblestone roads Do I need snow chains? Do they still use straw? Free wine, anyone? Green & gravel It's only a scratch Misty morning Porsche Nice vineage Night in the city Now that's a bridge! Shipping central The vineyards This is a logging town, mister Tunnel travel Watch out for the flowers Waterfall from far Waterfall mist Waterfall turn Whoops

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Cobblestone racing (1.84 MB Quicktime)   Night at the docks (2.28 MB Quicktime)   On the Autobahn (1.79 MB Quicktime)   Woodland drive (2.97 MB Quicktime)