Goed nieuws voor de UT fans! Versie 4 van Unreal 4 ever is uitgebracht:06/02/00 Offical U4ET-v4 Release! (By MaxSMoke) Technically, it's called version 401, but really it's our complete version 4 release of U4E Tournament. It includes the Medi-Gun, for healing yourself and teammates, but still no Attack dogs, Ball-lightning, or Hammer. Sorry folks, but Holger's been busy with bug fixes. It has numerous bug fixes and superior performance over version3. No upgrade patches for Version 4 downloaders, but like I said, that was just beta version. For the new people, this has about a dozen new weapons over version 3, like a variety of Hand Grenades, a Compound Bow with assorted arrows, New Melee weapons, and of course the Medi-Gun for those people who just like to play Doctor! Also it contains ALOT of bug fixes of version3. Snag this puppy right away! Minimaal moet je beschikken over UT versie 4.13. De mod kun je hier downloaden.