Er zijn veel sites waar je mods en andere dingies kan downloaden voor je fav. game. Gister is er een bijgekomen. Het heet ModGamer en is het broertje van Eurogamer.The latest addition to the growing EuroGamer empire is "ModGamer", a site dedicated to mods and user-made add-ons for a whole range of games from the Quakes and Unreals through to Tiberian Sun and Total Annihilation. The site currently features a big list of mods for different games with information, screenshots and links for many of them, plus a list of resources for mod makers, as well as all the latest mod news. Articles, interviews and other features coming soon! For the full scoop, head over to ModGamer now! De familie Gamer: Eurogamer en ModGamer. En bijna vergeten, het beste lid van de familie,