Dailyradar heeft twee nieuwe filmpjes online van het ongelofelijk mooie spel Metal Gear Solid 2 voor de Playstation 2.These new movies of Metal Gear Solid 2 footage were shown in part of a segment from the Japanese TV show Tonight 2 -- On Asahi TV (a hip program that features loads of weird stuff like best sex-toy guides and freaky games), and they reveal so many cool details about the PS2 game that we can hardly contain ourselves. The real revelation, of course, is that the game (as Konami has already claimed) is in playable form, and Kojima himself ably demonstrates this. The first movie actually shows Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid team wandering around various US locations, including a tank depository and watching a gun-firing demo aboard a battleship. That latter activity is obviously reflected in the game, which takes place aboard a nearly identical ship.Mocht je nog geen footage gezien hebben van Metal Gear Solid 2 voor de Playstation 2, doe dat dan meteen! Veel Japans gelul erbij, maar dat maakt het geheel wel funny Movie 1 (MPG, 1.9MB). Movie 2 (MPG, 14.2MB).