Alle wannabe Jedi's hebben een kadootje ontvangen van LucasArts. In de update sectie van de ontwikkelaar is een patch verschenen waarmee Jedi Knight II naar versie 1.03 geupgrade wordt. Naast een aantal single- en multiplayer fixes bevat de update 4 nieuwe multiplayer levels.Multiplayer:

- Corrects an issue where players were unable to cycle to detonator packs and trip mines on the “explosives” key unless they also had Thermal Detonators.

- Corrects an issue that prevented launching a multiplayer game on AMD(TM) dual processor machines.

- Corrected an exploit to prevent players from using illegal models in the game.

- Corrected an exploit that allowed players to have force powers outside of what the server rules allow.

- Added a keyboard icon that appears over the player's head when the player is chatting or configuring force powers.

- Backflip now requires that you double tap the jump button.

- Lightsaber usage in multiplayer has been modified to work similarly to the way it works in single player levels. This will enable better saber battles up close with your opponent.

- Lightsabers will do less damage at the very start and very end of a swing. This should prevent kills from just touching an opponent with the tip of your lightsaber. De patch weegt 6,77 MB en bevat verder support voor Force Feedback muizen en joysticks. De nieuwe multiplayer levels, duel_bespin, duel_temple, duel_hangar en duel_training, hebben ondersteuning voor BOTs.