The Heretic Fortress heeft versie 4.5 open gegooid voor alle Heretic II fans.

The Heretic Fortress is gebaseerd op het Team Fortress idee, oftewel team play.

Haal hem hier.- Models are now all pre-cached when you first log on the server, no more pauses when someone changes class and choose a new model. There is a side effect to that though, it will make the first level take longer to load and quiting the game will take longer too because you wil have to clear the cache. We will have to see how it goes.

- New icons on the hud to show the bonus points like: capture fort, steal light, 3/5 kills in a row bonus, heal an armless teamate, etc...

- + 2 bonus when you kill an enemy light carrier is now working like it should. This should help having better score and getting higher level faster.

- Bladers rejoice, the staff is more deadly then ever now because the fancy moves like the downward stab and the backward move do way more damage... if they dont kill instantly. This single change makes a huge difference and make it more fun to use those moves.

- The cleric's hellstaff does more damage now. Also the cleric can now be powered up by the Pyromage.