De makers van Unreal Tournament zijn alweer bezig met een nieuwe game met de naam "Dark Sector". Deze game zal gebaseerd zijn op de Unreal Engine en zal vooral multiplayer-based zijn.

Hieronder het persbericht:Digital Extremes evolves the first person action genre by bringing Unreal: Tournament style gameplay into a massively multiplayer persistent universe. London, Canada, Feb. 11, 2000 - Leading computer game developer Digital Extremes announces its follow-up to the critically acclaimed Unreal: Tournament. Dark Sector is the next step in the first person action gaming experience by blending the intense action elements of Unreal: Tournament with the scope and character evolution of a persistent online universe. Dark Sector is set in the wake of world devastation, where survivors are scattered throughout the solar system in a vast crumbling network of outposts and space stations. Anarchy reigns as violent factions wage war over limited resources. The remnants of world government have sanctioned bounty hunting in a desperate attempt to control the growing chaos. Players carve out their destiny in a violent struggle for fortune and fame. Begin your career as a bounty hunter tracking your target from Mars to the moons of Jupiter and then face off in an ice mine on Europa. Or choose the darker path by hunting the law-abiding citizens around you; build an infamous reputation as an assassin, the growing price on your head turning your own friends against you. Additional key features of Dark Sector: Players can band together in formal syndicates, seeking to invade and occupy the multitude of resource fortresses in the game world. Challenge Arenas where players can hold grudge matches, wager on matching their skills against others, competing in team battles and ladder matches. An advanced Unreal:Tournament engine featuring a new hardware-only renderer exploiting the latest advances in graphics technology such as T&L, skeletal deformation, multi-texturing, inverse kinematics, advanced surface lighting and a myriad of other improvements. Space flight gameplay will allow players to travel between space stations and engage in gut wrenching dog fights. Dark Sector evolves - new elements will be regularly introduced after the game's debut, enriching and expanding the game experience. James Schmalz, Lead Designer and founder of Digital Extremes; "The popularity of Unreal: Tournament's progressive gameplay convinced us 'the next big thing' would be extending this style of game into a massively multiplayer persistent environment. We are combining the fast paced action and team play elements of Unreal: Tournament with the compelling character development and immense universe to explore in a persistent environment." Dark Sector is in development. A release date is yet to be determined. Digital Extremes is best known for its huge hits Unreal and Unreal: Tournament, co-developed with Epic Games. Founded in 1995, they are a developer of PC and Console games and are located in London, CanadaNu maar hopen dat ASDL niet al te lang op zich laat wachten!