PC.ign had weer een paar fraaie cutscene plaatjes ontvangen en ook een paar 3d screenshots (quicktime vereist) van de nieuwe Dune game Emperor: battle for Dune.All that is to say that while we did get a chance to see some of the amazing cutscenes from the upcoming game in their raw form, we don't have any new movies to show you. Joe Kucan, the director of the sequences and

known to you as Kane from C&C, and Kurt Weintraub, the cutscenes' editor, showed us a lot of the work that has already gone into the production.

In addition to those cinematic shots, we've also landed a deuce of those new fangled 3D screenshots you hear the kids talking about so much these days [ed. We could only afford one of those older typing robots and are

still trying to edit out his archaims. Please bear with us]. To view these screens just make sure you've got Quicktime installed.

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