Er is een ALPHA demo verkrijgbaar van 130MB van Carmageddon:TDR2000 Demo.

Let op de woorden alpha, dus verwacht er niet teveel van. Maar echte Carmageddon fans kunnen alvast hun hart ophalen!The very first C:TDR2000 demo. Originally this demo was given away only on 3 mags around europe, but nothing's impossible for the CC team so we put this 121MB demo online for your enjoyment. No worries if it's too of a download for you, an online version of this demo that'll weigh less will be released soon. The demo takes place on the first level of the full game (Hollowood). You drive around in your Eagle, against 5 opponents. Unfortunately there's a 4 minutes limit, which is just enough to finish the 4 lap track if you're good, and there are only zombies with green blood to play with. A blood patch will hopefully come soon. One more bad point is that this demo is single player only, which means you can't play on a LAN/internet.Download de demo hier. Nog wat meer mirrors: Fileleech en 3DFiles