Epic heeft een nieuwe patch uitgebracht voor Unreal Tournament. 405b heet-ie en is volledig compatible met de vorige versies van UT. Hier een stuk uit de lijst van nieuw features en bugfixes..

Lees de volledige lijst hier. En zie een lijst met download-mirrors hier (tnx jpm.lensen ) Bug fixes: - destroy the "winch", not the "wench" in AS-rook description - fixed problem with landing bob damping on slow systems with high time dilations - fixed problem where client health gets set to zero (health was still correct on the server) - fixed spectators drowning in water outside of galleon - fixed problem with one of the 402 server optimizations causing pickups to be shown when they should be hidden if high packet loss - fixed fog rendering in software - fixed assertion line 714 network crash on slow connections - fixed PlayerReplicationInfos losing owner on client - symptom was teammate health not correctly shown on team huds New features: - much louder warhead explosion - don't allow Turbo mode with assault - bigger blood cloud when gibbed - Menu and text formatting changes to support Japanese text - Added "AddIni" command for umods to add lines to ini files - Changed occurances of class'DeathMatchMessage' to DMMessageClass. Allows mod authors to use their own DMMessageClass in all situations. - Made ngWorldSecret a private variable. So you can't read it from GetPropertyText anymore. - Added CRT's query packet send improvements. Should improve grabbing server lists from master server. - Added ProcessKeyEvent to HUD. Allows mod authors to work with key input directly.