Nu Impossible Creatures al een tijdje in de winkels ligt, werkt Relic Entertainment met man en macht aan het vervolg op hun debuutgame Homeworld. Het originele Homeworld was een hit dankzij de unieke 3D gameplay en de uitstekende cameracontrols, maar zal Homeworld 2 dit eerste deel wel weten te overtreffen? Action Vault kreeg de kans om Dan Irish en Josh Mosqueira van Relic te interviewen.Action Vault: What do you see as the primary factors will make Homeworld2 stand out from other real-time strategy games of the current generation? Dan Irish: Homeworld2 stands out from other RTS games in a number of ways. First and foremost is the cinematic experience - the immersion factor. What this means is that with Homeworld 2, you'll see a world that has never been seen before, ships, technology and an entire environment that you can interact with in any way you want. With games like Command & Conquer Generals or WarCraft III, the camera perspective is generally fixed or limited to a few zoom in/out capabilities. The 3D aspect of the game doesn't play into being a large factor of the gameplay. Secondly, we have a fully-integrated game design, where story reveals more meaningful gameplay choices, which in turn will reveal more story. To add to that, we have fantastic music and sound effects that simply add to the suspension of disbelief, integrating perfectly with the background artwork, level lighting and special effects. Every player of C&C Generals or WarCraft III realizes that they're playing with models - toys that exist only in the realm of the computer's RAM, but with Homeworld 2, there's a window to a world that could actually exist. Het interview gaat diep in op de gameplay en het verhaal, en is een mustread voor alle fans.