Computer & Videogames heeft maar liefst 65 (!) nieuwe screenshots van Sega's Virtua Fighter 4 weten te bemachtigen.

De screens zijn van de Arcade versie, die in juli in Japan zal verschijnen. De PlayStation 2 versie zal later dit jaar verschijnen.

De eerste screens van Virtua Fighter 4 die aan de buitenwereld werden getoond zagen er erg goed uit, voor het eerst leek het speelveld een echte omgeving. Deze nieuwe screenshots laten wederom prachtige omgevingen zien. De karakters mogen er natuurlijk ook wezen We've already witnessed the sublime majesty of the autumn and winter stages, with their breathtakingly realistic physics that cause leaves and snow to react to characters in an utterly convincing manner. However, these new shots reveal never-before-seen details including myriad new moves for the various characters and an all-new stage, situated in an enclosed arena with the Sega logo emblazoned on the floor. Come. On.

Virtua Fighter 4 loses the evade button from the previous title in the series, and AM2 is hoping it will be the most accessible yet rewarding version yet. How well the PS2 version will be able to replicate Naomi 2's magnificent visuals is unclear, but with Sega anything is possible. Either way, it shouldn't be too long before you can get your moist palms around a throbbing arcade stick and give it a good battering for yourselves. We'll keep you posted with all the latest information, but you'd do well do check out these new shots immediately. Do. It.

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