GA-Sports heeft een reviewtje van NHL Championship 2000 in elkaar gezet. De conclusie:This is a nice first effort from the boys at Fox. While the audio isn't the greatest, I am certainly enjoying the challenge presented by the computer. This is the first time I can remember having actually lost a game before the midway point of a season that wasn't the result of injury to key players. I'm being forced to scrap for the goals I'm getting, and I'm being forced to play strong defense. I like that. It's not a perfect game, though. There's plenty of room for improvement. Fixing the line changes, tweaking the goalies to give up more rebounds, fixing the ice distortion, making players who get hit in the head with the puck go down and getting rid of that awful checking animation would be huge. However, I'm betting some of my bigger gripes (ice distortion, and possibly line changes) may end up being fixed not in a patch, but in C2K+1. Hopefully, C2K+1 will also include career play. Right now, Fox has a very good game on their hands. Certainly better than anything I've played from EA recently. If they address the concerns I mentioned a couple of sentences ago, and they should dominate the hockey market for a long time to come.

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