Ik heb NHL99 veel gespeeld en goed mee vermaakt maar ik heb deze nog niet gespeeld... En heb er eigenlijk ook weinig over gehoord. Maar het ziet er wel goed uit.(de pics dan)A great philosopher once said that those who learn from their own mistakes are wise, but those who are able to learn from the mistakes of others are the true geniuses. I liken this statement to the current status of sports entertainment, both in terms of television and computer games. Over the past two years, the giant network moguls such as ABC, NBC, and CBS have lost a good portion of their audience and coverage rights to FOX, who has literally taken control of a good portion of the sports broadcasting in North America. Football would not be football without John Madden, and hockey would not be hockey without John Davidson. They've hired top-notch analysts from their main competitors such as Madden and Keith Olberman, and have further established their credibility by landing venues such as the Super Bowl. Just as Fox took on the big three networks several years ago, they now focus on the computer entertainment medium and long time king of the hill, EA Sports. And from the looks of things, one of their first offerings, Fox's NHL Championship 2000, is the last thing EA Sports ever wanted to see.