Voor de echte fans vast een preview van Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Hieronder een gedeelte, lees hier meer.NFS: Porsche Unleashed appears to be the ultimate retrospective of the German ubercar's 50 year history. EA is claiming that by working solely with a single licensee it's able to bring players the full depth of Porsche's evolution, as well as being able to accurately model the cars' driving performances. The game will contain over 80 Porsche autos, from past to near future. While there were a couple of obscure pure racing models that were trimmed from the game, nearly every body style sprung from the drawing boards of Germany's finest automotive manufacturer will be represented. Classic 60's coupes, Boxsters, all the various 911s, 944s, a few of the LeMans-style race cars... hell, even the 914, arguably the only bad car Porsche has released, gets a crack at the open roads in the new game.