Een review van de laatste sport sim van Sierra; Nascar Legends.There are really no major differences between NL and N3 in this regard--the modern look of N3 is replaced by a vintage theme, with Petty and the Plymouth Superbird playing a large part in it. All of the graphics options are the same, and it all looks just as good. The major changes for NL are, of course, the cars and the tracks. Everything has been modified to fit the 1970 season, to include the absence of General Motors, and the inclusion of the Mopar and Mercury nameplates. Unlike N3 and all previous Papyrus sims, the cars in NL (Plymouth Roadrunner and Superbird, Dodge Charger and Daytona, Ford Torino and Talladega, and Mercury Cyclone) actually have unique bodyshapes--the Daytonas and Superbirds have the large rear wings (where appropriate), while those are absent on the Ford and Mercury entries. Overall I'd rate the carshapes and paint schemes as very good, with nice details like the proper Goodyear stickers, changeable wheel colors, and others. The interior views are well done, too, with a different dash for each car. The only problem with the in-car view is that the gauges are a little hazy-looking, but overall they are attractive and believable. Een paar zielige plaatjes maar ja: