Bij CNET Gamecenter hebben ze negen nieuwe screens van Nascar racing 4, daarbij hebben ze nog een kleine preview. Be careful what you wish for, for you may just get it. This maxim could easily apply to the millions of NASCAR racing fans around the globe who have been waiting for Sierra Sports and Papyrus Design Group to give their best-selling stock-car-racing sim something more than just a cursory graphics upgrade. NASCAR Racing 2 may have begat NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition and NASCAR 3, but for all intents and purposes all three products have been powered by the same tried-and-true 15-Hz physics engine that's been kicking around since 1995. With the impending release of NASCAR Racing 4, all of this is due to change. NASCAR 4 will feature the same high-fidelity 288-Hz physics engine that helped transform Papyrus' 1998 Grand Prix Legends into the ne plus ultra of racing sims in the eyes of hard-core fans everywhere. Because N4 will ship with the same advanced vehicle dynamics as Grand Prix Legends, high speed wheel spin, body roll, brake lockups, and even the possibility of getting airborne will factor into the mix. However, Grand Prix Legends' diabolically difficult learning curve should be softened somewhat by the inherently user-friendly nature of NASCAR 4's high-banked oval tracks and the higher level of grip afforded by modern racing slicks. Rookie drivers can also take comfort in the fact that N4 will offer a relaxed-realism arcade mode for those who simply wish to blast around N4's impressive collection of NASCAR-sanctioned tracks with their throttles firmly planted against the floorboards. With all-new support for D3D and OpenGL video acceleration, N4 also promises to be the best looking edition of the venerable NASCAR franchise. Resolutions as high as 1,600 by 1,200 can be had on suitably equipped machines, and new wrinkles such as reflection-mapping and projected shadowing should help to redefine the term photorealistic. Thanks to the collective wishes of race sim fans everywhere, the future of computer racing as we have come to know it could very well be changed forever when NASCAR Racing 4 pulls out of the garage this November.