Motion capture....zo'n stoere kreet die je vaak tegenkomt bij actie en sportspellen. Maar wat is het nu eigenlijk en hoe werkt het. Bij Pc.ign hebben ze een interview met House of Moves (nee, niet move the house).

IGNPC: How did the process of motion capturing begin? Certainly it wasn't just developed for use in video games and animation, so what's the history behind it? Jarrod Phillips: Actually, motion capture for entertainment had its beginnings as a medical analysis tool. IGNPC: What are some games that House of Moves has worked on? Any current projects in the works that you can talk about? JP: A few of the recent hits are (there is a somewhat more complete listing on our web site): Sega NFL 2K, NBA 2K, NHL 2K, Redstorm's Rogue Spear, Sierra's SWAT3 CQB, id's Quake IIIMotion Capture Interview