Bij Gamespy hadden ze de eer om Todd Howard te interviewen. Todd is de projectleider van Morrowind. Morrorwind is de opvolger van Daggerfall, een RPG met vele volgelingen. GameSpy: The game is from a first-person perspective. How will the role-playing aspects come into play? What skills can the player choose and how will those skills be advanced?

Todd Howard: There are 27 skills in the game (in addition to the eight attributes). There are nine combat skills, nine magic skills, and nine stealth skills. We're still polishing them, but the idea is that each skill has real "punch" to it, so that any skill is important enough to be a major skill. It's hard because everyone uses certain skills more, but we further balance them by setting how hard they are to raise.

Raising skills is the only way to raise your level. To be a higher-level thief, you have to use stealth skills. You don't become a better thief by casting spells. It's very similar to the system in Daggerfall, but the skill list is more streamlined. The game rewards you for staying in character.

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