Peter Molyneux melde kort geleden dat hij zou stoppen met het produceren van PC spellen. Dit wordt nu bijgesteld. Hij verteld dat Lionhead geen PC titels gaat maken, maar dat ze dat gaan uitbesteden nadat hun titel eerst op een console is uitgekomen.Naturally, the PC games community somewhat freaked out at the news that one of its founding fathers (so to speak) was 'abandoning' the platform. Molyneux feels, however, that the PC has become too cumbersome to design for effectively. "The PC has represented the cutting edge of games machines, outstripping any of the consoles for about five years," he says. "But now we've got the next generation consoles and I feel that they are formats with enough power to match the PC. Plus, the PC is a difficult format to excel on as it is constantly changing."Het complete artikel vindt je hier.