De Red Alert 2 doosjes (met inhoud) gaan als warme broodjes over de toonbank. EA heeft al een miljoen kopieen van het spel verscheept naar de winkels.

Dat wordt een extra groot kerstpakket voor de werknemers Westwood reports that it received enough initial orders

of the game to justify shipping a tremendous number of

copies in the first week.

Electronic Arts has announced that it has shipped a total of 1 million copies of Westwood Studio's Red Alert 2 in the real-time strategy game's first week of availability. While this isn't in itself an indication of sales, the figure demonstrates the high hopes that retailers and the publisher share for the game. Electronics Arts also revealed that the Command & Conquer series has sold a total of 13.5 million copies to date.

Red Alert 2 follows up the fast-paced 1996 Red Alert spin-off from the Command & Conquer series. The sequel takes place several decades later in Red Alert's alternate version of the 20th century in which the Soviets invade the United States. The game's units incorporate a variety of powerful technologies, including nuclear weapons, weather control, time shifting, psychic powers, and others.1 miljoen Red Alert 2 doosjes, en allemaal ook nog eens recyclebaar