VoodooExtreme melde dat er een review van Mig Alley online was gegooid door Ps.ign.com.MiG Alley is set in the Korean War, which will probably elicit a big "so what?" from most people. I suspect The Korean War ranks second only to the Crimean War on the scale of Least Sexy World Conflicts. But students of aviation history know that this was arguably one of the most significant moments for air combat since it began in World War I. The Korean War fell across the cusp between propeller driven aircraft and jet engines, a transition that changed the nature of aviation forever. Suddenly, aircraft had more power than they knew what to do with. Previous limits on speed, altitude, and maneuverability were shattered. Furthermore, the way was paved for missiles to enter the fray. But not until the North Koreans, Chinese, and Russians had one last duel with the Americans, and fought with good old-fashioned bullets. This is one of the main reasons for MiG Alley's considerable charm. Although it's mainly a jet sim, it's an up-close-and-personal jet sim. You simply keep an eye out for the other guy and shoot him with your guns. You don't have to master any radar modes or missile launch parameters. You won't be getting any of those coldly removed BVR (beyond visual range) kills. You can tone the realism levels down to make it a simple point and shoot game, a sort of "Hot Time in the Cold War Tonight" first person shooter with wings. Klik hier voor de full review.