Dat games niet alleen meer beoordeeld worden op het single player gedeelte is geen nieuws meer, maar Daily Radar heeft een hele preview gewijd aan het MP gedeelte van Midtown Madness 2. In deel 1 was dit al goed verzorgd en was Cops en Robbers echt humor om tegen elkaar te doen. Hoe het in deel 2 zal gaan....The expected races through the city are available in

multiplayer mode, with contestants able to select their

way through the streets as they see fit. There are

shortcuts and back alleys everywhere, and most

players take different routes through the city. Also

included are circuit races, whereby players have to

weave and bob their way through checkpoints. Ramming into the other players is a very viable and often successful tactic in swinging a victory. Depending on speed, durability and mass, each vehicle can handle only so much damage. Those who take too much damage will receive a five-second penalty, so there are strategies involved in ramming other cars -- one cannot constantly crash into others without consequence.

What really held our attention, though, was Cops &

Robbers mode. As most have probably figured out, one team plays the law while the others are the outlaws. Somewhere on the map is a bar of gold, and the first to get it and return it to either the bank (as the police) or the hideout (as the robbers) gets points. The

greatness here, though, is the game dynamic. Once one team has the gold, the other team can steal it only by speeding headlong into the opposition's car, which makes for some spectacular wrecks and midair collisions. There's a huge adrenaline rush as one player barely misses a T-bone crunch by flying over an intersection and dodging the opponent. Since each car has different speed, durability, acceleration and mass ratings, some can get away faster but cannot take a lot of damage, while others are veritable tanks, moving slowly but plowing through anything in their way.Kan je verder op Daily Radar lezen.

Alleen blijf ik benieuwd of de game net als Midtown Madness 49,95 zal kosten