PCIGN heeft een Hands-on geschreven over de opvolger van de city racer Midtown Madness. Verder heeft Gamespot 10 nieuwe screenshots van dit spel.

Een stukje uit de Hands-on: The one thing I forgot about MM is just how fast the racing can get when you get behind the wheel of a top-end car. I revved up the engine of a London patrol car and hung on for life as I tried to navigate San Francisco's Embarcadero Center without slamming straight into a wall. The cruise mode is as fun as ever, and allowed me to check out some of the new secrets and jumps that the design team has talked about. While I didn't see any of the flatbeds that allowed you to get airborn in the original, I did find some hidden ramps in buildings, or on structures themselves, like the sculpture at Justin Herman Plaza that allowed me to get a nice bird's eye view of the waterfront, before getting a mole's eye view of the grass. De screens zien er weer heel cool uit!