Metropolis Street Racer is eindelijk af.

We zullen proberen de complete versie binnenkort te testen.

Maar dan moet Sega hem natuurlijk wel leveren

"We're extremely happy here," said a Bizarre team member today. "It's a great day for the company."

Metropolis takes the gamer to the streets of San Francisco, London and Tokyo in a frantic attempt to out-style competitors and accumulate Kudos points, which can then be uploaded onto a global Internet ladder.

Over 250 separate tracks in the beautifully realised, uncannily realistic city environments should keep you happy for months to come. There are so many features in here that you'll be left breathless by the depth of play. Now is not the time to detail them, but expect lighting based on the time of day, the ability to change pretty much anything you like and over 40 cars to test your skills with. And that really is the tip of the iceberg.