Dit spel zou vorig jaar al uit zijn geweest voor de Dreamcast, maar omdat de makers ervan het spel steeds verder wilden tweaken zijn ze er nu nog steeds mee bezig.

Dailyradar heeft een interview gehouden met Martyn Chudley, de lead coder bij Bizarre Creations. DR: MSR looks incredibly realistic. Was this easy to accomplish on Dreamcast hardware? MC: Yes, as the hardware allows us to use so many polygons, and the texture memory is so large, with a great compression system. We've been able not only to model basic buildings but to add in details like balconies and adornments to the buildings actually in the models. Nearly everything down to one meter in size has been put in! In terms of accuracy, we've used height data, ordnance survey maps, council land use maps, aerial photographs and our own research materials to produce accurate 3D replicas of the cities. When the photorealistic textures get added to these models, you've got something that really looks like you're there.

Dit spel is kick ass mooi! Nu maar hopen dat de gameplay het haalt bij de graphics.

Metropolis Street Racer Interview