De nieuwe Metal Gear Solid site (voor de PC) is eindelijk gelanceerd. Op de site zijn nieuwe screenshots te vinden, net als een interview met Peter Connelly.Microsoft Games: What are the PC advantages over the original?

Peter Connelly: There are several aspects to the advantages the PC title will offer over the Playstation original.

Graphics: The graphic quality of the game as a whole has been improved. MGS for the PC offers the user multiple resolution support up to 1024*768, this alone will improve the sharpness and definition on the PC well above that of the PSx version.

Textures for structures and some body suits have been improved, giving the game a fresher look. Add to this all the features that having native support for DirectX compatible accelerators allows; Bi-linear filtering, multi-texturing, Sub Pixel Accuracy and even perspective correction. These all add up to give a smoother, less popping experience then that offered on the Playstation.

Game play: There are items of the PC platform that will automatically produce better game play:

Support for multiple control devices, including Sidewinder Gamepads, Keyboard and even Mouse. Games will load faster and saving will also be quicker, without users fearing memory card restrictions...there's lots more space on a hard-drive then in a memory card.

Beter dat dit net zo'n succes wordt als de console versie