Ergens in 1998 kwam er voor de Playstation een spel uit van Konami. Dat spel, wat de naam Metal Gear Solid droeg, zorgde voor een ware revolutie op de Playstation.

Nu, 2 jaar later kan dit schitterende spel ook op de PC gespeeld worden, met alle voordelen die de PC kan bieden.In 1998, Metal Gear Solid turned the console world upside down. Intense gameplay, great graphics (for the PlayStation) and a cinematic quality previously unseen in the console realm made it one of the most talked about and played games of that year. Chances are that if you didn't play the game then, you're probably not really interested in it now. We're foreseeing three types of people buying this game: everyone who could never make Bleem! work properly, puzzled PC gamers who want to see what all the fuss was about and gamers who have lost, tossed or broken their PlayStations.

Op de PC versie kan je het spel gewoon in first-person view spelen.

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