Deze zeer bekende PSX titel komt gelukkig ook naar de PC. Maar hoe speelt dat op de PC en hoe ziet ie eruit ?.

Allemaal vragen waar Gamespot een antwoord op heeft.

Ben wel benieuwd of het keyboard de Gamepad kan vervangen...(als je geen Gamepad thuis hebt )Console owners have long been able to enjoy playing the role of retired Special Forces veteran Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, the best-selling stealth 'n' shoot 'em-up which has swept all before it on the PlayStation.

Now the good news for PC gamers is that Snake is scheduled to parachute onto their machine this October and Microsoft is guaranteeing equally devastating results. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, the storyline behind the game is classic action fare: after a group of terrorists overrun a secret Alaskan weapons base, they threaten to launch a devastating nuclear strike unless their demands are met within 24 hours. Armed with nothing but a pair of binoculars, a cool name and a bad attitude, your mission is to infiltrate the base, rescue the hostages, take out the terrorists and save the day for truth, justice and the American way.

Of course with the PC's superior graphics and processing capabilities you'd expect a little bit more for your money and the enhanced character textures and higher screen resolutions might even tempt PlayStation owners. However, long-standing fans of the series will also appreciate an optional first-person viewpoint, which had previously only been available in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Integral.

More than 300 missions from the special edition Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions will also ship with the game and include seek and destroy, solving murder mysteries and even a bit of role reversal as you get a chance to play as the arch enemy, Ninja.

Keep an eye out for Snake this October - the clock is already ticking… Wow......Metal Gear Solid kan/zal op de PC ook een smashhit gaan worden als ik dit zo lees