Jason Hough designer bij Zono Inc. heeft het een en ander te melden over Metal Fatigue(=een 3D strategie spel met robots):We're pretty much in the home stretch. The single player stuff is totally solid, we have a few last minute bugs in MP to fix and a little more tuning. I cant say any exact dates but we should be there real soon now. You know when the credits have been finalized that you're damn close. Not to many new features to note, most of the work lately has been fine tuning what we already have. We did add one new part, a Wolverine-style retractable blade arm. Our multiplayer code has been the subject of most of the work recently. We've found that we're only using 10% of recommended bandwidth for a modem game on average! Psygnosis will have to comment on the demo date, but it should be right around the same time the game comes out - Late February (roughly!).