Evil Avatar heeft een first look van het langverwachte Messiah gedaan. Het blijkt dat het engeltje Bob nogal moeite heeft met GeForce videokaarten en het liefst een snelle pc heeft. Hier is een stukkie:The first thing you will notice with Messiah is the technical problems. The game is prone to random crashing on those few video cards it runs on. It doesn't run on GeForce 256 cards unless you use the leaked beta 513 drivers, but it does run on a RivaTNT2 card with either the released 368 or 513 drivers. You can also run the game using a 3dfx Voodoo3 card, but there is massive texture corruption using the current non-beta Voodoo3 drivers. On any video card, the game may lock up and crash out to the desktop at any time, so save often. Performance is also a problem. On my AMD K6-III 400, the game can get very choppy and can almost get unplayable when you get into combat. Lowering the detail level on the textures and models will alleviate this problem enough for the game to be playable, but you do lose a significant amount of detail on the models to play the game. Other users running P3 550 or better systems have reported to me that the game runs fine even at higher resolutions on a TNT2 card. I would say the Minimum system requirements are my K6-III 400 and a recommended system would be something 550 or higher running a TNT2 or GeForce 256 card. Voodoo3 cards are not recommended due to texture corruption. Je kan het hele verhaal hier lezen.