OnlyGamers heeft een artikel in elkaar geflanst over de meest verlangde games van het jaar 2000, zoals Soldier of Fortune, Team Fortress 2 en Diablo 2. Hieronder een stukkie over Duke Nukem Forever:

Duke Nukem's nemesis, Dr. Proton, a 7'6" cyborg from the original Duke Nukem, has returned to the scene and has taken over Area 51, Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Proton is using the alien artifacts from Area 51 to contact aliens from throughout the galaxy and recruit them into his army, along with the Area 51 guards and other minions of evil. Dr. Proton plans on leading this army of foes in his attempt to take over the world and the only person standing in his way is Duke Nukem. Duke Nukem 3D was one of my all time favorite games and the same proves true for many other people as well. Duke Nukem Forever runs on a slightly enhanced version of the Unreal Tournament engine. The screen shots look totally awesome! I think every gamer on earth is looking forward to this game. If their not, then they need to lay off the cocaine. This is one of those titles that you just know is going to be a big success. If it doesn't prove to be a success, then me and a lot of others will be greatly disappointed. Needless to say, it has a lot to live up to since it's predecessor's were such a success.