Wandel je nog wel eens rond in Unreal Tournament en hoor je wel eens iets over Spree en Double Kill e.d., maar weet je eigenlijk niet wanneer je dit verdient... of wat het eigenlijk betekent? Hieronder wat info erover afkomstig van Planet Unreal:[bullet]Multiple kills:

If you notice, every time you kill someone, UT displays a message (such as "You killed Alarik") in the center of the screen, which takes 3 seconds to fade out. If you are able to get another kill before the first message fades out, you get a "Double Kill" announcement and indication. If you get another frag before that one fades out, you get a "Multi Kill", etc. The breakdown is:

2 kills: Double Kill

3 kills: Multi Kill

4 kills: Ultra Kill

5 kills: MONSTER Kill (this one's great: The voice says "M-M-MONSTER Kill")


A Spree is defined as a certain number of frags without dying yourself. The indications are based on multiples of 5 frags, and the breakdown is as follows:

5 frags without dying: Killing Spree

10 frags without dying: Rampage

15 frags without dying: Dominating

20 frags without dying: Unstoppable

25 frags without dying: Godlike!

It's one helluva trip to reach the "Godlike" level - on anything but the most basic bot skill level, of course.Killing Spree