Riva3D heeft even met ASUS gebeld over de nieuwe drivers die gisteren voor veel ophef zorgde.

Het blijkt dat Asus zijn woorden qua hardcore cheaten terugtrekt en zegt nu dat de drivers gebruikt kunnen worden om zo de technologie te laten tonen die ermee mogelijk is. uhuh

Ook vertellen ze dat het niet eens zo zeker meer is dat ze die drivers gaan releasen.I just got off the phone with ASUS, during which we discussed the issues surrounding the possible release of new drivers that incorporate their new "Transparency Feature". We discussed many aspects of the drivers, including the feedback they've been getting. Here's the jist of things as they stand: 1. The Transparency Drivers are a feature that ASUS has been exploring. 2. ASUS does not intend these drivers to enable cheating in games, but to take advantage of new technology and show the capabilities of the technology. 3. If the drivers are released (and that's not a definite thing yet), ASUS may pursue working with developers to ensure that this feature is detectable so that online tournaments, etc., are not affected in any way. 4. ASUS listens to the feedback, and takes your feelings seriously when considering features for their products. After all, they ARE in the business to succeed... Zeker een mailbommetje teveel gehad