Met het live gaan van de officiele Freelancer site laat het weinig te raden over dat de game bijna gereed is om door ons gespeeld te worden. Ook op verschillende andere sites verschijnen nu verhalen om ons in de stemming te krijgen.

Zo lees je op IGN een uitgebreid achtergrondverhaal over de universums die je in Freelancer zal vinden, met ditmaal aandacht voor 'The Independent Worlds'. Van de ontdekking tot en met colonisatie: het wordt allemaal uitvoerig behandeld in dit stukje science-ficion historie.Hudson

Hudson is one of the two independent worlds that separate Liberty space from Rheinland. Hudson is part of the Tanner Asteroid Belt, named for captain Steve Tanner of the Liberty exploratory vessel Einstein, whtich stumbled onto the Bering system in A.S. 94. The asteroid belt, which consists of fairly dark asteroids, was not previously spotted by astronomers.

In 661, a survey expedition financed by Interspace Commerce (IC) entered the system. IC was concerned with the rising number of insurance claims made by the shippers, which were high due to the drifting asteroid problem. There was talk at IC headquarters that a serious mistake had been made when the decision was made to build the trade lanes through that sea of asteroids. Hudson had not been considered for Jump Gates when the original route passed through the area, because of its excessive jump traversal distance to Hamburg at the time. With several additional centuries of technological innovation, it was now feasible. Mocht je even de tijd hebben, dan lees je het uitgebreide achtergrondverhaal op IGN.