DailyRadar heeft de nieuwste MechWarrior, de 4 alweer, eens onder de loep genomen en er een leuke preview van gebakken. If you haven't played a MechWarrior game, you either A) are filled with self-loathing and angst and deny yourself every small pleasure that life affords; B) only play games featuring hexagonal maps and enjoy factoring wind resistance into firing your cannons; C) have only been playing PC games for 15 minutes or D) are too busy constructing your own gigantic, meat-eating robot to bother with a mere sim. The MechWarrior series is 52 kinds of depleted uranium slug goodness, from the tippy-top of its armored head to the very bottom of its 50-ton feet. Any game that allows players to strap on an armored behemoth of ridiculously gi-normous size and blast away is aces in our book. We're looking forward to autumn and all the mech legs we'll be blowing off.

MechWarrior fans mogen hem zeker niet missen bekijk hem hier.