Op Computer Games Online las ik een preview van MechCommander 2. Deze kon ik jullie natuurlijk niet onthouden:Like the first title in this series, MechCommander 2 is a real-time strategy game of massive armored combat. The action takes place in a politically unstable region of space called the Chaos March, where you, as a mercenary MechCommander (the hero of the previous game, now gone freelance), will fight for three of the Inner Sphere's noble houses in their ongoing quest for dominance of the area. For those not acquainted with BattleTech, a 'Mech is basically a titanic, robotic-assisted battle suit which can stand up to 40 feet tall and weigh over 100 tons. MechWarriors are the pilots of those behemoths, and the exalted MechCommander sits happily behind the lines, watching the devastation from orbit while planning his or her Warriors' ongoing strategy. In this game, that latter character is you. And though you may not be risking your own virtual neck, you'll soon find the value of bringing your troops back alive—their skills improve through experience and it's always better to send out veterans than rookies.