In de laatste MDK2 Development Update meld Bioware dat MDK2 bijna klaar is. De inhoud van het spel is compleet en op dit moment wordt de laatste hand aan de Dreamcast en PC versie gelegd.This just in: MDK2 is content complete! Yes, we have finally finished jamming crazy new content into MDK2. No more dancing fish, no more singing aliens, and, thankfully, no more player characters running around in their underwear. In case you were not aware, Canadian for underwear is “ginch.” The last statement in the list, in Canadian, would be, “no more player characters running around in their ginch.” So does that mean MDK2 is done? Not quite. We are now testing and fixing bugs. We have been focusing on the Dreamcast version, so the PC will have to wait a few weeks for the final spit and polish. While doing the final prepping of MDK2 for release on Dreamcast, we have encountered something most unfamiliar to PC developers: memory issues! Yes, while developing on the console, we have learned our most precious commodity is memory, be it system memory, sound memory, or texture memory. No matter how careful you are during console development, you are always short of memory. While the programming troops are valiantly combating memory constraints, some of us have turned our focus to localization. I always love localization--definition: translating the game into various languages--because it is fun hearing the too-familiar English lines spoken in different languages. With localized lines, we can usually recognize what is being said, and hearing various permutations can be really entertaining. There are usually a few characters that are completely hilarious. In particular, the Italian Zizzy Balooba from MDK2 is rather amusing. The voices have all been done, and we are now sifting through all of the material to make sure we have everything we need. So how much longer will you have to wait to play MDK2? Not very long. The shared goal of Bioware and Interplay is to release a high quality, bug free product with many hours of riveting gameplay. We are almost there!