Stomped had een interview met Maverick Developments over hun nieuwste project Redemption, een HalfLife MOD die net als een aantal andere projecten wordt gesteund door het Valve-team. Het interview was met Phil Daniels, lead designer van MaverickStomped: Can you give us a brief history of Maverick Developments and who is involved with the team?

Daniels: Maverick Developments Ltd is a game development studio based on the east coast of England. Formed from a team of Internet-based individuals whose previous experience goes back to making products for the original Doom, Doom2, Duke Nukem, Quake1, Quake2 and now the Half Life engine. The company is formed from four directors and six additional members, covering all aspects of development and business requirements.

Stomped: The development of Wanted! has taken several roads to completion, it seems. Where did you come up with the idea of creating a TC set in the Wild West? You first released a version of the TC as a mod for Quake II. Why did you decide to switch to the Half-Life engine base for Wanted?

Daniels: Not so much differing roads as a progressive learning experience . The American Wild West is the original "shoot-'em-up". Where man lived on his wits and skills alone in a constant struggle for his own survival--often facing up to desperate people with little value for life. What better subject matter for an intense, immersive gaming experience?

The Quake 2 beta/demo of early Wanted! material was a very basic product, never finished to more than show material for the concept. The product is heavily story driven with a large number of interactive non-enemy characters, creating a world and a sense of "belonging" within that world. What better engine than Half Life's to create that feeling.De graphics van het spel doen in ieder geval erg Half-Life aan en ik ben dus wel benieuwd wat voor feitelijke pro's deze mod heeft.