Er is een nieuwe MOD in de maak voor Half-Life. De MOD is voorzien van single en multiplayer mogelijkheden, en maakt het mogelijk al die coole dingen te doen die Keanu Reeves in de Matrix deed.Solo game As in the movie, the main part of the game will take place in the city. In this way, the player will make his way through streets ,populated by innocent people and by enemies in order to give a more realistic atmosphere. The fact of killing innocent people will influence the advance of the experience of the protagonist. The player will play Neo, the protagonist of the film. This character will develop through the levels, in points of Health, in points of power, and in power of strike in fight scenes. The player will discover after each level new powers and new actions. The levels won't be very long, about 15 minutes each , but there will be a lot of levels. Each level will be linked with the scenario of the movie. And now, your mission is not to reach the level end, but you have to complete all the mission objectives in order to destruct the Matrix. You know your mission is to save the world. Enemies The enemies in the game will be the Agents, the policemen, and all the other persons who can prevent you from finishing your quest. They will have a high AI (Artificial Intelligence). Contrary to Half-Life, human enemies will be killed with a few gun shots, like in real life, and the impacts will be localised (shot in the head: death ,...). Each shot touching them will hurt (as in Counter-Strike) them for some time. The agents will be stronger than the hero, Neo. They will be faster and technically superior. They'll mainly fight "body-to-body", and the player will have to fight with differents punches, kicks and will have to dodge too! Dit wordt er echt eentje om in de gaten te houden. Voor plaatjes, check deze page.