D'n'A en Sith weet te melden dat op Operation-flashpoint.net een enorm uitgebreide hands-on preview van Operation Flashpoint: Coldwar Crisis te vinden is. Veel nieuwe screenshots van de laatste build en in-game ervaringen (20 pagina's tekst). First of all, for all of you FPS nuts: forget about Half-life and Quake, when placed next to OFP those are like Dinky-Toys compared to a real-life Ferrari, 'Operation Dumbo drop' compared to 'Full metal jacket'. This game doesn't ship with terms like frags, health bars or power-ups. This is as real as it gets on your little PC. OFP also offers a great game to all types of players, whether you are looking for an extremely tactical first person shooter, a game where you can roam over vast landscapes with any vehicle you can think of in the given period or a game with a lot of room for your own imagination using the mission editor, this is the game for you. Operation Flashpoint gaat zeer zeker een hit worden. Bekijk deze preview als echt alles wilt weten over deze aankomende topper.