Vandaag ook nog wat info over de nieuwe action/adventure van Creative Reality Software. Martian Gothic: Unification is een third person action adventure met horror elementen.

GA-Source brengt info en wat nieuwe screenies."A well-made action adventure should appeal equally to adults and younger players, and Martian Gothic is designed to work on a large number of intellectual levels," he notes, adding, "there is much in the game that is dark and threatening, punctuated by sudden shocks: this should appeal to the armchair thrill-seeker (which is pretty much everyone, in some degree)."

Martian Gothic: Unification is an action/adventure game in which players takes control of a three person mission dispatched from Earth to investigate the total loss of contact with a Martian colony. Three team members are sent to Mars; Diane Matlock - A British microbiologist, responsible for locating and classifying any organisms present in the base, Kenzo Uji - a Japanese computer expert, responsible for interrogating and, if necessary, repairing the base's computer systems and finally Martin Karnee - an American security expert who will act as a bodyguard for the other two.