De winnaars in de categorie van Assault mapjes van de Make Something Unreal Contest zijn bekend gemaakt!

Hier kan je ze downen want ze zullen binnenkort wel op elke game server volop te spelen zijn. Hieronder de winnaars:[bullet] Third Place: AS-Crashsite by Ciller

Great stuff. The map has a good layout, is fun and easy to navigate, and offers several things that other map authors have yet to. The ending cinematic with the newspaper flying at the screen is priceless. Bot work is a bit spotty, though, and some obvious flaws such as floating weapons hurt an otherwise good design.

[bullet] Second Place: AS-Aesthenosphere by willhaven

Best looking Assault map that's come out of the community yet. The texture usage and lighting are second to none, and the feeling of the ship hovering in the core of a planet is awe-inspiring. Bot work is adequate but not great, which impairs the enjoyment of the map for single player users.

[bullet] First Place: AS-Bridge by Claude Mayer

Best Assault map anywhere to date. Bot work is near perfect and the progression through the map prevents the "left behind" feeling that many other Assault maps suffer from. The player is constantly being led around to the next objectives by the bots. Doesn't look as good as Aesthenosphere, but plays better and the play's the thing!