Mafia is zeker een van de titels waar ik persoonlijk met spanning naar uit kijk. En als ik vertel dat deze titel onder ontwikkeling is bij Illusion, de makers van Hidden & Dangerous, dan zullen veel gamers mijn enthousiastme wel kunnen begrijpen.

Afgelopen E3 was er helaas enkel een rolling demo beschikbaar, maar de beelden die daar werden geshowed, logen er bepaald niet om.

Neoseeker had ook zin om eens een uitgebreide preview te maken van deze titel, die hier te lezen is.Mafia is a third-person mobster action game in development by Illusion Softworks, the same company that produced the atmospherically rich WWII combat sim Hidden & Dangerous. Mafia is set in the 1930's during the height of mobster infamy and prohibition-era bootlegging. The classic setting provides a perfect backdrop for Illusion's development team to create a game full of wild car chases, mobster assassinations, bank robberies, and anything else associated with a gangster crime world of the time. Using an internally developed 3D engine dubbed LS3D, the Illusion team has crafted a huge city that is an enormously detailed mixture of 1930's Chicago and New York. Lost Heaven, as it is known, will be the place where your character rises from an everyday taxi driver, to a gun-slinging mobster with exceptional abilities. Your name is Tommy, and you are assimilated into the mob by accident as you find yourself driving the get-away car–your taxi–for a bunch of gangsters on the run. After it's found out that you provided assistance to one of the city's most revered and feared mob families, you lose your taxicab in a dramatic fashion. But the mobsters, being impressed with your expert driving ability, offer you a position that you somewhat reluctantly accept. After all, would you rather have a job, or stand in line at the soup rationing station?

Als deze game net zo revolutionair wordt als Hidden & Dangerous was, dan zal je mij absoluut niet horen klagen.