Gamespot heeft niet de Mafia geinterviewed, maar wel de makers van het spel 'Mafia'. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven speelt zich af in een hele gedetailleerde en zeer levendige stad. In deze stad is het de bedoeling dat je jezelf bewijst als Mafiamiet tot de big boss. Dit doe je door bepaalde missies te volbrengen. Deze missies zijn ontzettend gevarieerd. Een voorbeeld van een missie:In one mission you have to drive to bar where gangsters of other family are spending their free time. This bar is integral part of the city, so no loading is needed. Those gangsters have demolished your car in previous mission, and it will be time to show them what does it means revenge. Their cars will be parked near the bar and your task will be to destroy their cars with baseball bat and molotov cocktail. After this they will run out of the bar (drunken) and they will start to chase you. This is just one example from the beginning of the game, there is much more of stuff like this.Helaas is er nog geen totale vrijheid, maar zul je wel subquests kunnen volgen. Zo krijg je bijvoorbeeld de mogelijkheid om illegaal te racen en daarmee weer geld te verdienen. Kortgezegd is Mafia dus een soort van GTA in 3D alleen dan iets minder vrijheid.

GameSpot UK The City of Lost Heaven - What is in it?

Illusion Softworks 400 unique buildings, 60 different cars, Manhattan-like island with skyscrapers and business centre, gallery, prison, stadium, slums, beaches, lighthouse, airport, many different bars and lots of other stuff. We tried to achieve that feeling that you are there, in the metropolis of the thirties.

GSUK How does the city function?

IS Traffic and police will be fully functional, you can drive over people and then chase with police because they don't like it. And they don't like many other things. We have trams and elevated railroad that you can use. Many locations to enter, many different types of people will walk the streets. But our main interest here are traffic and car chases.