Op Compterandvideogames.com is een 2 pagina lange preview verschenen van de actiongame Mafia. De preview is vrij uitgebreid en bevat uitspraken lead designer Daniel Vavra.

Bijzonder zijn bijvoorbeeld de eigenschappen van de auto's. Zodra je met 3 man in een auto gaan zitten merk je duidelijk dat de auto een stuk langzaam optrekt en de speler zelf kan gewond raken bij autoongelukken. Vooral deze kleine details maken de game zeer speciaal.

A mission will often begin with a visit to the family mechanic, who progressively teaches you how to break into each type of drivable car in the game, ranging from slow taxis and delivery vans to swift roadsters and sleek prototype vehicles like the Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. The better the car, the longer it takes to break into and the greater the risk of detection, with theft time represented by a standard 'loading bar' device. While the cars may not be correctly badged and named for licensing reasons, each is accurately modelled on a real vehicle, and handles according to one of the most complex and painstaking physics models in any game, ever. Just in case we were dubious about this, Daniel showed us the massive list of specs governing each car's performance, taking in steering behaviour, gear ratios, aerodynamics, suspension, weight and centre of gravity, and enough other variables to make any F1 buff's driving leathers visibly tighten.

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