Maclean (maker van Dropzone) gaat games ontwikkelen voor de Xbox, is vandaag aangekondigd:"We're recruiting like crazy at the moment," Maclean told CVG today. "I couldn't possibly comment on the whether or not the first title will be an extension of Jimmy White, but I can tell you that we're planning three games for Xbox and PlayStation 2 and PC." [...]The first title will ship towards the end of next year, likely to accompany Xbox's launch. Mclean was vocal on the subject of multi-format projects today, and it seems as though Sony is up to old tricks. "Sony obviously want you to make your games exclusively for their machine, because 'It's the best in the world'," he said. "Then Microsoft want you to keep the games exlcusively for Xbox for exactly the same reason. The contracts haven't been signed yet, but it's a tricky situation."De vraag is nu of deze games 'het gezicht' (net als Mario van Nintendo) worden van de Xbox of dat Microsoft zelf echt een goed Raven spel gaat neerzetten.