Nee, het gaat hier niet om de bekende engine die we allemaal kennen van UT en Wheel Of Time. Unrealty is een zeer realistische engine waarin je volledige bewegingsvrijheid hebt en je dezelfde dingen kunt doen als in elke 3Daction game.

Het aardige is dat je ook zelf de engine kan downloaden en aan de slag kan gaan.Unrealty is something completely different. It's not a panoramic photograph. It's not streaming video. It's not a 3D rendering in the traditional sense, although the pictures to the left might make you believe otherwise. Unrealty is software that allows you to walk around in a true, honest-to-goodness real-time virtual environment.

What does that mean? It means that unlike a video or a panorama, you can walk anywhere and look at anything. You can jump up and down, peer through windows, splash in the water, open and close doors, and more. Depending on the environment, you might even be able to chase the birds, click on objects to read more information about them, or talk with an interactive, virtual tour guide. In most cases, you can meet other users there over the Internet, actually see them walking around just like you, and chat with them.Je kan zelf de development kit downloaden en mocht je enkel de prestaties willen zien, dan is er natuurlijk ook een speler beschikbaar.