Davilex, de makers de befaamde (of beruchte ) AII racer serie, heeft een demo vrijgegeven van Londen Racer. Hier is het spannende verhaal achter dit spel :You're entering an illegal street race organization as a rookie. This organization organizes illegal races on the m25 and in London and Oxford. In this hierarchic organization you'll have to start in the small league. When you're good enough, they let you enter the 'Luxury sports car' league but at the end, you'll be trying to reach the ultimate league: the 'GT Racer' League. During the leagues, you' ll be trying to go faster and faster through buying extra's for your car to tune it up. 3D accelerator is required, but software mode will be available in the final version. Waar wachten we nog op na dit verhaal ? De 37 Mb wegende demo kan je hier downloaden. Ben benieuwd of ze er in geslaagd zijn de AII Racer serie te overtreffen